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Accelerating The Race To The Bottom

On Friday, the Texas Board of Education (they’re going to have to replace “education” in that title, as you’ll soon see) approved some seriously alarming changes to the social studies curriculum.

You can read the article here.

I’m actually stunned that a handful of ignorant amateur theologians and racists can be allowed to accelerate America’s already rapid decline to the bottom of the world’s rankings in education. These people want to erase Darwin’s theory of evolution and make the United States a country that was founded on christian principles. They want to erase Thomas Jefferson from our history. They want to make all of these bat shit crazy revisions to our history to “add balance” because “History has already been skewed. Academia is skewed too far to the left.”

Let me go off on a quick tangent about something that had been bugging the shit out of me for a long time now. This notion of “balance” that we’re constantly being fed by the media. Presenting a balanced view on an issue where both sides are presented fairly is a really good thing. Creating a false sense of balance where no balance exists in something else entirely.

A great example of this is creationism versus evolution. These are not 2 sides of a coin. One argument has thousands of years of scientific evidence to support it, and the other begins and ends with “I have faith”. You can’t weigh carbon dating against Adam and Eve to create a balanced argument. That’s just insanity.

Diminishing Thomas Jefferson’s role in the history of the United States isn’t “creating balance”. He wrote the fucking DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. Diminishing his role in our history means pulling shit out of your ass in order to create a reality that you WISH were so. It’s revisionism, and it’s dangerous. It reminds me of the most brilliant thing that Stephen Colbert ever said; “Reality has a well known liberal bias”.

When you attempt to make faith a reality, you diminish the power of faith and you turn it into something ugly and dangerous like say, Al Qaeda for example.

These people need to be stopped because their ignorance is dangerous. They need to be saved from their own insane notions that, if left unchecked, will turn the United States into a crazy fundamentalist cult like Al Qaeda.

Creating generations of ignorant neanderthals is NOT the way to disprove the theory of evolution.

We don’t lead the world in secondary education anymore. We’ve fallen to the eighteenth spot. These ignorant dumb fucks in Texas are doing their best to knock us off the top 20 list within the next decade.


2 thoughts on “Accelerating The Race To The Bottom

  1. Here Here Well Said With Just the perfect amount of bitchiness. How the Texas board of education can get away with tell complete fiction as fact is unreal America has officially become a caricature if it's former self

  2. Reminds me of something I had a conservative friend say to me in response to a whole bunch of facts (based on real laws in place for a long time and actual statistical data). She said "those are liberal facts, I could provide you with conservative facts if I thought it would do any good"….ummmm, how are facts liberal or conservative? A person's take on the facts, their use of them to prove or disprove something can have a liberal or conservative bias but the facts themselves are neutral…and she told me I was wrong about that when I pointed it out to her.

    I've been begging people to explain to me how conservatives can see logic in that but no one has been able to.

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