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Stockholm Syndrome

A recent Pew Research poll shows that 18% of Americans believe that President Obama is a Muslim.

I’d like to tell you that at least 1 in 300 million doesn’t give a shit one way or another. I honestly don’t care which religion my president is afflicted with. I can’t see much of a distinction from one religion to another. I do know that if you purport to be religious, and are afraid of someone else’s religion, you probably don’t know shit about God and aren’t likely to find “him” in your lifetime.

The idea that Americans fear or loathe Islam is inexplicable to me. The only reason why you’re not scared shitless of the international pedophile factory known as the Catholic Church, is that you’re suffering from an as of yet undiagnosed form of Stockholm Syndrome that allows you to take comfort in the devil you know.

I say “pedophile factory” because the science is very clear in this area; pedophiles create pedophiles. The numbers vary (depending on which study you look at), but somewhere between 30% and 93% of child molesters were molested as children. Molesters on average, molest fifty children. Think about that for a minute, and apply those statistics to the pedophile Catholic priests around the world. If each priest molests fifty children, we know that somewhere between fifteen and forty six and a half of those fifty victims will grow up to victimize.

That doesn’t scare the shit out of you? If it doesn’t, it’s because they’re the devil you know and you’re suffering from Stockholm Syndrome .

Does anyone know what the ratio of pedophile Catholic priests is to radicalized Muslims? No, no one does.

America’s fear and hatred of Islam is arbitrary and irrational.

Why don’t the Mormons scare the crap out of you? They come to your door, literally! These batshit crazy fucks have to spend two years of their lives peddling their religion on the street like a hot dog, and you’re not alarmed by this? The only reason they “renounced” polygamy, is because Utah couldn’t be ratified as a state until they did. Blacks couldn’t enter the Mormon priesthood until 1978 because they were believed to be placed under a curse, which gave them black skin. These people have never once done the right thing without being pressured into it.

Why aren’t you scared shitless of Mormons? Because they’re the devil you know, and you’re suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

How about the Jahovah’s Witnesses and the Evangelicals that are foaming at the mouth, waiting for Armageddon to come so that they can be “saved”. Saved, by the destruction of mankind? That doesn’t scare the piss out of you? If it doesn’t sound coo coo for cocoa puffs to you, it’s because they’re the devil you know and you’re suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

Not to be accused of bias toward my own, how about that whole flotilla in Gaza situation? Granted, that wasn’t the Jewish faith behaving like soulless bastards, it was a country. But I must say that if your “survival” depends on oppressing others, I for one won’t miss you if you’re gone. An American citizen was executed (four shots to the head and one shot to the heart) during the course of that incident, and our media tells us that Israel was justified and that we should support them? Israel is the devil we know, and we’re collectively suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

Personally, I’m afraid of anyone that feels compelled to tell me what they believe in. I feel like your beliefs are personal and the only reason for attempting to convert others to your beliefs, is because you’re fundamentally insecure about them. I don’t talk about what I believe in very often because I don’t need the validation of others to support my beliefs. I just need my beliefs to get me through the day. And anyone that needs to convince me about what they believe is scary.

Why do we even give a shit what our president’s religion is? It’s 2010. Why aren’t we more concerned with how our president governs than we are with how he prays to god, or even if he prays to god?


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