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Being Principled Is Sometimes Painful

I don’t mean hypothetical or hyperbolic pain. I mean actual, vomit inducing, physical pain. Normally my principals give me the comfort of knowing that I have a moral compass which serves to enrich my soul.

Yesterday was not one of those soul enriching, principled days for me. It was a day when my principles caused me to vomit in my mouth repeatedly for about thirteen hours. The source of my nausea? I spent the day agreeing (vehemently) with Rand Paul and <strong wave of nausea> Ted Cruz. In case you missed it, Rand Paul conducted a thirteen hour long, old fashioned filibuster, protesting the Obama administration’s assertion that the president has the right to assassinate US citizens on US soil.

That’s right, the former constitutional law professor believes that he has the power to act as judge, jury, and executioner in our quickly evaporating democracy. If this assertion doesn’t scare you shitless, you’re either an idiot or an Obamabot (yes, those are synonyms). In either case, I have two words for you; posse comitatus. Google it.

Democrats quietly went along with Obama when he decided that he had the power to kill thousands of innocent Pakistanis by drone strike, with no oversight at all (cause who the fuck cares about Pakistanis?). Democrats went along with Obama when he gave himself the power to assassinate a US citizen outside of the US, without presenting any evidence that he needed killing (cause he must have done something wrong, so who the fuck cares?) And now, there are a great number of democrats that will go along (by sitting silent) with Obama’s belief that he can kill any of us anytime, anywhere, and with no proof that we need killing.

Well kudos to you, little lemmings. It must be comforting to have a “team” to play for. It must be comforting to have a “daddy” that you trust implicitly to take care of you. It must be comforting to live in a world where you willingly give up your most basic civil liberties in support of a daddy, who you trust won’t ever do you wrong.

You’re all fucking idiots. If you were incensed by Bush’s rendition programs, but are nonplussed by Obama’s belief that he can kill you whenever he wants, you need to shut up now. You need to stop calling yourself a liberal, because doing so forces me to call myself something new so that I can differentiate myself from your stupidity. Frankly, I think that you’re the ones that should have to come up with a new word to describe yourselves, since my principles aren’t the ones that changed. You need to go attend a tea party somewhere because that’s where you belong; with your intellectual equals. Maybe you can call yourselves libbaggers?

But enough about the Obamabots. Back to my pain. I spent thirteen hours watching Rand Paul, who I believe to be both a craven politician and an all around idiot, do something that I whole heartedly agree with. And I had to watch Ted Cruz, who I strongly believe suffers from mental illness, say things that I whole heartedly agree with. And for thirteen hours, I supported the efforts of people that I generally despise, as they worked to expose the hypocrisy and outrageous behavior of the guy I voted for. I rooted for them because they were the only ones standing up for me.

The worst part of my thirteen hour long trip to the Twilight Zone is that no “liberals” (with the exception of Ron Wyden) showed up to be fucking liberal. Where the fuck were Al Franken, Elizabeth Warren, or Bernie Sanders? Where were the bold progressives?

The whole thing was disgusting. It was disgusting because my principles stand, regardless of whose side I’m on at any given moment. And yesterday, I was on the side of morons and whackadoos because they were the only ones standing up for our rights.