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An Open Letter To David Brock

You’re a media hitman. It’s what you’re good at, so it’s what you’ve dedicated your life to doing. You started off your miserable career by going after Anita Hill and then Bill Clinton by propagating lies and innuendo about them┬áthat you knew were lies. And you did it well.

And then you did a mea culpa in your book, “Blinded By The Right”. Good for you! Except that you didn’t change your tactics, you merely switched sides. So now you’re doing what you do on behalf your former target’s wife. This propaganda machine you’ve built for Hillary is impressive. Buying left wing blogs to help push out your lies about Bernie has been very effective. I’m seeing those bullshit links posted all over the place because even now that we all have access to the internet, you know that people don’t bother to fact check anything they just like the sound of. They just share, share, share with no regard for facts.

So bravo for your despicable smear work with Blue Nation Review. You’ve still got as good a game as you had when you were trashing Anita Hill and Bill Clinton.

And now you’ve upped your game by unleashing a battalion of paid trolls to attack Bernie and his supporters. I guess that you weren’t getting enough volunteers who were interested in supporting Hillary to do that, so enter the professionals to shut down Bernie supporters. Yesterday, you orchestrated and coordinated an attack in which your trolls-for-cash descended on at least seven Facebook pages who support Bernie Sanders.

Classy. Nothing says, “I’m supporting the best candidate and I know it” like shutting down anyone who doesn’t agree.

I would like to tell you that you’re making a horrible mistake. See, the people who support Bernie are largely in that self identified “independent” category that have been fleeing both parties in droves over the past decade. These are people who probably aren’t inclined to vote in every election and they’re certainly not inclined to vote along party lines, since they chose to send the parties a message by ending their affiliation with them.

Your mistake lies in not thinking ahead to a short ninety days from now, when you’re going to be begging those people to show up for Hillary in November. Remember, your fabulous candidate isn’t the strongest democrat against any republican who might get the nomination. Bernie is. So you’re desperately going to need to bring his supporters on board with Team Hillary.

Do you really think that your sleazy anti-democratic tactic of shutting down other people’s voices is the way to get the job done? Do you really think that the nearly half a million people whose access to the content they want to see was denied by you are going to forget what you did? Do you really think that this will get them enthused about Hillary, ever?

I’m going to do my best to be the voice of reason in November, by persuading my readers to do what needs to be done, but how effective do you think that I and other Bernie supporters like me are actually going to be?

You’re playing a dangerous and sleazy game here, Mr Brock. Unfortunately, there’s some chance that the whole country is going to pay for your oiliness. You need to retire for the sake of the country. No really, you do. You’ve literally never done anything good to elevate the political discourse in this country.

I would just like to say one thing to Hillary: shame on you. This man smeared your husband eighteen ways to Sunday when he was president. You’re a special kind of scumbag for unleashing this kind of sleaze on someone else, when you know what it feels like to be on the receiving end.

You’re lucky that I’m not emotional about politics. I will advocate that my readers do what needs to be done in November to keep a republican sociopath from becoming president and fucking the Supreme Court for another thirty years. But right now, at this moment, I’m utterly disgusted with you and with your media hitman.


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