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Why The Douchiness, Hillary?

It’s like the Clinton’s can’t stop themselves from being gratuitously douchey.

Seriously, setting up an email server next to the coffee maker in the kitchen. Why? How did you think this was going to turn out for you?

Bill showing up at several polling locations on primary days. Why? Were the few votes you may have ginned up worth making yourself even less trustworthy than you already are?

And now she’s declared victory on the night before the most delegate rich state in the country votes? Why? What’s the fucking point? What does she have to gain by telling California and New Jersey that it’s over and that they don’t get a say in the results. Sorry, thanks for playing! She could have waited twenty-four hours, secured enough pledged delegates and votes to ensure beyond the shadow of a doubt that Bernie didn’t get enough votes or pledged delegates to overtake her, and then announced that she was the near certain presumptive nominee.

She could have proudly pointed out that all the votes were cast, and that if the super delegates voted perfectly in line with either the direct votes or the results in their respective states, she won.

But no, instead she’s acting like (and the media is helping her) she secured enough pledged delegates to win. She hasn’t, and she technically won’t until July 25th.

Twenty-four (okay, maybe closer to twenty-eight) hours is the difference between douchebag and winner.

She’s going to win. That’s a foregone conclusion. So why not fucking wait until all the votes are cast. What has she gained by shitting on Bernie voters in California and New Jersey?

Nothing. Not a damned thing, other than to validate the opinions of people who think she’s shady and not to be trusted.

I don’t know why the Clintons keep doing ridiculous things that offer very little benefit for them, but I do know that anyone who makes the argument that their untrustworthy numbers are entirely a product of republican attacks are slightly more ridiculous than the people they’ve chosen to make themselves stupid to defend.

Stop it Hillary. Just fucking stop it. You still need to win the general election, and banking on the fact that your opponent is a bigger douchebag than you are isn’t what I would call a winning strategy.


1 thought on “Why The Douchiness, Hillary?

  1. The threshold for Bernie to catch her in California is 60%. The best data I have suggests that 54% is more likely. The vote-for-the-winner effect might bring that 54% number down a bit, now that the media is full of wall-to-wall “Clinton Won” nonsense and backing up the lie that he needs 101% that the Clintons have been pushing since before voting started.

    But yes, stealing the two delegates in Nevada by changing the rules and then falsely accusing the Sanders supporters of being violent is petty. She didn’t need those two delegates to win the nomination, but those kinds of moves may lose her the election.

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