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An introduction

The 2 things about politics that make me the bitchiest are politicians and party loyalists.

The politicians think that we’re stupid. That pisses me off. But there’s a reason why they think we’re stupid. They think we’re stupid because we constantly prove to them how stupid we are. We view politics in the same way that we view sports. We are loyal to our team no matter what. That’s stupid.

Supporting your team no matter what they do is the dumbest thing that you can do for your team. See when you give your team unquestioning support, they stop caring about you because they don’t have to. They have your support. They can sell out your life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness in order to serve their corporate masters because you will always vote for them. If your only criteria for voting for a candidate is that they’re running on your party’s ticket, then you’re stupid. You’re stupid, and you deserve a representative that knows you’re stupid.

I’ll admit it, I have a team. My team pretty much blows. My team likes to portray itself as the team that stands up for the people. Well, they would stand up for the people if there weren’t so many insurmountable obstacles. They would stand up for the people if the other team weren’t so mean! They would stand up for the people if the other team would just stop blocking everything they’re trying to do. My team are the “good guys”. They will stand up for me when I help to get more of them elected. I just need to be patient, and work tirelessly to help strengthen the troops!

Here’s the weird thing about that – the “bad guys” never had anything resembling a super majority in the senate to pass anything (more accurately, everything) they wanted to pass. The “bad guys” managed to pass huge tax cuts for the richest people with only 51 seats in the senate. Now keep in mind that they passed this trillion dollar tax cut without paying for it. That’s right, they didn’t cut spending to adjust for the decrease in revenue. Do you think that most Americans would have supported that if they knew that is was 100% deficit spending?

So when my team can’t pass anything that improves my life with a 59 seat majority in the senate, I have to wonder. I have to wonder if they really expect me to believe that they want to do the right thing, but can’t because they’re undermanned. Maybe they’re really well meaning, but just totally inept? Or maybe, they’re not well meaning at all. Maybe they’re working for the same team that the “bad guys” are working for. Let’s be honest here, all of the candidates from both parties are funded by the usual suspects. The oil industry, banking, insurance, defense, etc. The money comes from the same place, regardless of party affiliation, so maybe they are both on the same team.

Is it possible that my party of “good guys” is just playing a role in political theater? Is it possible that my guys are playing the role of bumbling, fumbling, adorable schmucks that mean well? Is it possible that the “bad guys” are just playing the role of shit kicking, pick-yourself-up-by-your-boot-straps, macho patriots, designed to appeal to those that primarily use their reptilian brains? Is it possible that they’re both on the same team?

Think about it, the roles that they have defined themselves in are designed to appeal to the two main components of human nature. Is that a coincidence?

I have to wonder.

And since I’m on a roll I have to wonder why, in the greatest country on earth, I only get 2 parties to choose from? I guess that question can only be answered by going back to one of the 2 things that make me bitchiest; party loyalists.

We don’t have more choices because we’re too loyal, lazy, or disengaged to create them.

Yup, it’s all our fault.

So what is this blog really about? I’m not going to lie to you, it’s mostly about me bitching because (as I’ve already established) I’m a bitchy person. But more specifically, it’s about bipartisan bitching about what’s really wrong with politics in America. I’m an equal opportunity bitch. I actually believe that bitching about my own team is far more productive than bitching about the other team.

Fixing the republican party is republicans’ problem. Sorry republicans, but you let the last administration crap all over everything you ever claimed to believe in. Fiscal conservativism has been a republican joke since Reagan was the first president to take the deficit into an “illion” that starts with a “t”. W took Reagan’s spending sprees to a whole new level by outspending the 42 presidents that preceded him combined. Small government went to shit when you didn’t stand up against W illegally wiretapping you. And that cowboy shit kicker thing you love so much became an illusion when Reagan gave Iran arms in exchange for hostages. Newsflash: he caved in to the demands of a terrorist nation! Let’s not forget the romantic stroll, complete with hand holding that W took with Prince Abdullah. That was some impressive shit kicking, wasn’t it? I can’t fix your party from this side of the aisle. I’ve tried for years now. It hasn’t gotten me (or any other democrat) anywhere. You broke your party. You fix it.

I feel like I’m most productive when I bitch about my own party. I have to work to fix it from within otherwise, there won’t be anyone working to fix it.

Yes I still have a team, even though they’re retarded (sorry Sarah Palin but this is the bitchy blog, not the politically correct blog). I still have my team because I believe that fixing the parties that we have is much more plausible than starting new parties at this time. That doesn’t mean that I don’t believe that other parties won’t be viable some day. I just think that getting more people engaged in the system we have now is the first step. When more people start paying attention, more parties become viable.

Personally, I’ve been working in primarying out the “problem children” in my party. Failing that, I’m willing to hold my nose and vote for a republican if that’s what it takes to send the message that I won’t support any bullshit that is put before me. We’re screwed unless more people jump on my bandwagon. So if you’re a party loyalist, this is not the place for you!