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The Internets Is Proof That Science Works

I run across a LOT of science denying on the internets. Climate change denying, evolution denying, stem cell research denying. You name the science, I’ll find you thousands of deniers on the internets.

Each time I run across one of these I laugh my ass off over the stupidity and the hypocrisy of the author.

Don’t these people understand that the internets that they’re using is proof that science is a valid method of figuring out how the world works? Seriously, if you believe that people are reading your lunatic rantings, then you MUST believe in science. Using the internet to spread your denial of science is like running from an avalanche while denying gravity. It’s inane and you need to stop.

If you really don’t believe in science, my recommendation is that you get the “creation” word out by using carrier pigeons. Stop cluttering up my internet with your stupid bullshit. And by the way, let me point out that the thumb you use to hit the space bar is proof of EVOLUTION!

Here’s the thing about science; the bad kind doesn’t last very long. That’s why we don’t clutch onto our belongings for fear that they may fall off the edge of the earth if we don’t. Good science is proven repeatedly, and then evolves to the point that you have the internet in your living room!

But unlike bad science, stupidity is forever. It can’t be disproved because it’s not interested in facts.

It’s fine if you want to be an ignorant science denier, but do you have to do by using a medium that proves that you don’t even believe your own stupidity?