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Democrats Suck!

And that’s possibly the biggest understatement I’ve ever made!

Nancy Pelosi came out a few days ago and announced that there will definitively be no public option in the final health insurance reform bill. I can’t say that I’m surprised. I haven’t thought that we would get a public option for several months now. Nancy Pelosi’s reason for not including the public option is that there aren’t enough votes in the senate. Meanwhile at last count, 51 senators have publicly announced that they would support a public option if it was in the bill. And on the day before Pelosi announced that there would be no public option, Dick Durbin announced that he would whip the votes needed in the senate to get a public option through if the house passed it. And then there’s the white house that would support a public option if…

It seems like most democrats would support the public option, if only… Seriously, what the fuck? Do you realize how stupid you all look standing in a circle pointing to the person on your right, and proclaiming that you will do something if that person does something first?

While all of this nonsense is going on, the American people have been completely ignored in this process. We all hate this bill. Republicans and democrats alike know that this bill blows. The media is happy to remind us of how unpopular this bill is. But they’re leaving out a big part of the equation; most of us want a public option. Here, see for yourself.

But ignoring the American people isn’t why democrats suck. Not directly, anyway. Republicans ignore the will of their constituents just as much as democrats do. Democrats suck because they lack the courage of their convictions, which makes them weak. When democrats are all claiming that they can’t get a public option done because they’re waiting for someone else to take the lead, they’re telling you that they’re weak. Americans hate weakness.

George W Bush showed us that Americans want a leader. We don’t even care if that leader is smart, honest, or even qualified. Dick Cheney got every half baked, ill conceived bill that he wanted through congress with nothing resembling a 59 vote majority. And he never whined about having a hard time getting something through. They pushed through a war, an occupation, and a trillion dollars in tax cuts for really fucking rich people with the greatest of ease. And you know what? They never even had to demonstrate that they had any intentions of paying for these things in order to get them through. That was some serious leadership, and it demonstrated strength. And because they seemed so strong, they got less scrutiny. You see when you’re weak it tends to make people want to pick on you more. But more than that, it makes people trust you less.

Democrats become more and more untrustworthy every time they claim to want to do something for the American people, but can’t get it done because of some insurmountable obstacle. We don’t trust you because you seem as if you’re either lying or weak. More accurately, you seem like you’re lying meekly. Americans don’t mind being lied to as long as it’s done with conviction. But no one likes someone that lies like a pussy.

All of this is fantastic news for republicans! They don’t have to do a damned thing to rehab their image. All they have to do is sit around and wait for Americans to hate democrats more than they hate republicans. I hate to say it, but this seems to be working. The public doesn’t like republicans any more than they have for the past 2 election cycles. But they do hate democrats more than they did 4 years ago.

Stand up and demonstrate that you believe in something, for the love of god! If you don’t, you’re going to see an ass kicking of epic proportions in November.


The Internets Is Proof That Science Works

I run across a LOT of science denying on the internets. Climate change denying, evolution denying, stem cell research denying. You name the science, I’ll find you thousands of deniers on the internets.

Each time I run across one of these I laugh my ass off over the stupidity and the hypocrisy of the author.

Don’t these people understand that the internets that they’re using is proof that science is a valid method of figuring out how the world works? Seriously, if you believe that people are reading your lunatic rantings, then you MUST believe in science. Using the internet to spread your denial of science is like running from an avalanche while denying gravity. It’s inane and you need to stop.

If you really don’t believe in science, my recommendation is that you get the “creation” word out by using carrier pigeons. Stop cluttering up my internet with your stupid bullshit. And by the way, let me point out that the thumb you use to hit the space bar is proof of EVOLUTION!

Here’s the thing about science; the bad kind doesn’t last very long. That’s why we don’t clutch onto our belongings for fear that they may fall off the edge of the earth if we don’t. Good science is proven repeatedly, and then evolves to the point that you have the internet in your living room!

But unlike bad science, stupidity is forever. It can’t be disproved because it’s not interested in facts.

It’s fine if you want to be an ignorant science denier, but do you have to do by using a medium that proves that you don’t even believe your own stupidity?