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Rooting For Newt

Not because I believe that Obama will have an easier time crushing him in the general election. In my opinion both he and Romney are terrible candidates that, unless a major event (like a total economic collapse) happens, Obama is virtually assured a second term.

I want Newt to win because of Citizen’s United. If you’ve been paying attention to right wing media (don’t worry, I have been so that you don’t have to!), you know that the republican establishment does not want Newt to win. They’re doing everything they can to crush him not because they think he’s a danger to the republic (to quote Cenk Uygur) as liberals do, but because they know he’s a danger to republicans. Virtually every republican that served in the house during Gingrich’s tenure as speaker has come out to eviscerate him. Fox News, Drudge, The Weekly Standard, and every other right wing media outlet is on a jihad to make sure that Newt doesn’t win. Four years ago, Newt would have been forced out of the race by now because he’d be broke.

But now, thanks to Citizen’s United, he’s still humming along (no that wasn’t a mistress/ blow job dig, but enjoy). He’s still in the race because one single, solitary billionaire wants him to win. Sheldon Adelson is Newt’s fairy godfather. He’s (so far) thrown $10 million at the problem if Newt being unelectable and generally unlikeable. Just so you know, Sheldon Adelson is worth $21 billion dollars. He can give Newt twice as much money as was spent by both candidates in the 2008 campaign combined, and not even feel the loss of that money. The party elders are PISSED!

We don’t create millionaires in this country anymore. We now turn billionaires into multi-billionaires. This isn’t an accident. This situation was finely crafted by republican politicians and their cronies for the past forty years. It’s escalated to an untenable situation since the majority of democrats agreed to jump on the bandwagon.

If Newt and Adelson manage to hijack the nomination, it will make the powers that be realize that it’s no longer the 99%. It’s now the 99.7%. And that additional .7% is them. Maybe if one multi-billionaire goes rogue, and destroys all of the plotting and planning that republicans have done over the past three years, they will realize that the system they helped to create can crush anyone.

Even them. So I say, “GO NEWT GO!” And if Newt doesn’t pull it off this time, I hope that Sheldon Adelon finds an even more loathsome candidate to back next time.