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The Republican Veil Is Lifting On The Topic Of Gay Marriage

And let me tell you, they’re an UGLY bride.

For years now, republicans have hidden behind religion to oppose gay marriage. They’re not bigots, the just love the bible. They have nothing against homosexuals, they just believe that marriage should strictly be between a man and a woman, as god intended.

That veil is slowly lifting to reveal the hateful, small minded bigotry that lies beneath.

A few days ago, Virginia attorney general Ken Cuccinelli II sent letters to colleges and universities all over Virginia, urging them to rescind policies that ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Let me repeat that in more clear terms; this man (I realize I’m playing it a little fast and use with the use of that particular noun) is actively trying to eliminate the civil rights for a group of people that he doesn’t like.

This has nothing to do with “protecting marriage”, and it’s certainly not what Jesus would do. It’s vomitous, hate filled discrimination.

But Mr. Cuccinelli is not the only one. A few weeks ago, Bob McDonnell (the shiny new Governor of Virginia that gave the rebuttal to the SOTU speech), signed an executive order that removed previously enacted protections against gay state workers on the basis of their sexual orientation.

Republican politicians are tipping their hand by extending their bigotry beyond the issue of marriage. I have to say that I, for one am glad they’re doing it. I hope they do this all over the country. No, not because I’m a homophobe that needs to deny others rights so that I can feel good about myself, but because every time they do something like this they showcase the fact that gay rights are a civil rights issue. They are finally jumping the shark on this issue.

I believe that Americans are fundamentally good people that all want the same thing; a house to call their own, a family, and a job that puts food on the table. I don’t believe that most Americans lay awake at night obsessing on who their neighbor is coupling with. And I certainly don’t believe that most Americans relish the idea of anyone being discriminated against for any reason.

For our entire history, we have fought to beat back discrimination where it exists. And we have done it in an extraordinarily short period of time. Think about it – we’re only 233 years old. That makes us infants in the grand scheme of history. In that short period of time, we gave women the right to vote. We abolished slavery and subsequently gave African Americans the right to vote. We refused to tolerate the loathsome discrimination that was separate but equal. We are the first predominantly non-black country in the world to elect a black president. In short, we ROCK!

We will not tolerate this for much longer. Civil rights win 100% of the time in America.

Republicans, you need to walk away from this issue. It’s going to pummel you the way that gun rights pummeled democrats. Younger generations don’t care to discriminate against gay people. That’s why you’re losing them. Well that, and your obtuse disdain for science (but that’s a topic for another post). Seriously, you need to walk away from this issue. It won’t serve you well. The generations that give a crap about this are dying. Stop looking back, and focus on the future.

We all need you to get it together! Watching you lose your viability really scares me. It was bad enough when I only had two parties to choose from. Watching you slowly back out of the running means that I’m just left with democrats.

Is that what you really want?


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